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Damn Switch!
October 30, 2007

Today I let Irene use my X60 to take notes for BCH since she forgot her book, so I figured “might as well save some power by turning off the wireless radio.” I did that and all was well – until BCH tutorial. During the tutorial I decided to browse some sites for fun, so I enabled the wireless networks and tried to connect……..BUT IT DIDN’T!!!! I was trying everything but nothing seemed to work!

Haha you wouldn’t believe how bummed out I was, and then it finally took Jon less than 10 seconds to realize that I had accidentally put the hardware wireless switch to “off”. Damn.


October 29, 2007

I bought a Lenovo (IBM) X60 today… it’s awesome. However I havn’t installed a full version of Office yet, and I have to work some kinks out but for the most part, I’m very pleased. Gonna make the jump to full digital notes by next week.

Edit (1:24pm): I heard stats tests come back at us today at tutorial, damn I am a bit nervous hahaha. This laptop rocks witht he exception of a few things, one being that the screen automatically changes from portrait to landscape based on the position of the laptop, however it can get annoying when you’re holding it and it suddenly changes position cause it thinks you are holding it differently. Hopefully I can find a way to do it so that I manually set the orientation of the screen. I’ll prob get into the habit of editing posts along the day as I encounter interesting tidbits since I have a portable computer now =D

Finally Done!
October 27, 2007

Writing this from my PS3 hehehe, anyways my week of hell is over finally! The NFS assignment took me till 2am to finish then I had other things to do that took me til 12! sooo finally after 18 hours of being away from home…I am home and resting hahaha.

Peter got me Conan for PS3, friggin wicked game! Sensless violence at its best hahahhaa

Tomorrow is going to suck ass.
October 24, 2007

Studying stats in one day – not fun

Doing NFS Assignment #1 in a night – pure hell

Having a sore ankle sucks
October 21, 2007

Ever since Friday, my left ankle has been acting up quite a bit. My brother thinks it may be gout, which I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was considering the amount of fatty foods and proteins I eat, or it could be from squash. I’m figuring it was playing squash that did it to me since I was running around quite hard…probably tweaked my ankle somewhere during play.