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Finally a brief sigh of relief
November 8, 2007

Tonight is the only night I get to rest just a little bit lol. The bio writing assignment took a lot of time and effort, prepping for two labs was not fun, and speaking of which…Chem! Oh man, I must have inhaled a lot of bad things cause part way through the lab I could have swore the right side of my face went numb. Luckily I was just delirious (must have been the chloroform).

Anyways after bio lab was done I went out with Ken and a girl named Irene to a sushi place on Baldwin. Good food! Sure helped kill my hunger hahhahaha.


Busy Busy Busy
November 6, 2007

After next tuesday I will be a very happy man hahahahh Gosh this work doesn’t seem to end does it?! I slept at 3am and got 3 hours of sleep last night trying to work on pre-labs and a writing assignment for Bio…gah its due tomorrow and I’m about half-way done. I should be in good shape as long as I dont waste too much time.

Note to self:

Bio assignment needs to be done

CHM247 pre-lab questions need to be done

Bio Lab prep needs to be done

NFS assignment needs to be done

The Week Ahead
November 4, 2007

Monday: STA220 Quiz

Tuesday: ECO/BCH studying

Wednesday: CHM247 + BIO250 Lab

Thursday: ECO/BCH studying

Friday: ECO/BCH studying

This week is gonna be a tough one…thankfully this test wave is only two tests long lol

Life Sucks Right Now
November 2, 2007

Finally got back all the marks from the first wave of tests. I did a little worse in BCH than I expected. Really sucks too considering what the distribution of marks looked like, and that the next test is going to totally bust some balls since it’s Dr. Baker’s section. Next week is going to be a bitch for sure. I have to finish CHM lab report, BIO writing assignment, NFS assignment, and study for ECO TT1 and BCH TT2.