Finally a brief sigh of relief

Tonight is the only night I get to rest just a little bit lol. The bio writing assignment took a lot of time and effort, prepping for two labs was not fun, and speaking of which…Chem! Oh man, I must have inhaled a lot of bad things cause part way through the lab I could have swore the right side of my face went numb. Luckily I was just delirious (must have been the chloroform).

Anyways after bio lab was done I went out with Ken and a girl named Irene to a sushi place on Baldwin. Good food! Sure helped kill my hunger hahhahaha.


One Response

  1. For Baldwin, have you been to Hua Sang below street level? Go during the day and ask for the lunch size Young Chow Fried Rice. And bring two friends to share it with you.

    Also the Yung Sing Pastry Shop across the street, but I bet you know that one already because of the lineups in front of it.

    Nancy says to avoid the Hanoi whatever place…

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