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December 30, 2007

Will be back for semester 2! Call of Duty 4 and Warhawk for PS3 is awesome!



Happy Holidays!
December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

My Week of Red Wine
December 21, 2007

I’m going to try out having a glass of red wine every day for a week. Maybe I’ll feel better, maybe I won’t hahaha. Apparently red wine is supposed to lower ‘bad cholesterol’ LDL and raise ‘good cholesterol’ HDL.

Sofar, it seems that after drinking some of this wine, my breathing difficulties that I’ve been having have gone away, but I can’t really draw conclusions just yet lol

Fun Friday!
December 21, 2007

Corvette ZR1 Offically Announced!


Top 10 Gaming Ho’s!

Dancing Traffic Cop

Awesome Choreographed Fighting

The World Was Mine at 6.45 am – 12/27/2005
December 19, 2007

She parted the house in silence without breakfast, without water; only leaving the trace of a post-it of what she was doing — but not where she was going. She was going for a walk, in the early morning to catch the sunrise. The adrenaline built up inside of her as she rushed out of the door, and ran as fast as she could to hear the ice and snow crunch beneath her feet. Away, away from the house for good, where all bad things shall be forgotten..
Down the street, the chilly air bit her face as the stars and the moon looked down upon her. The world was hers for the morning, as children and adults slept away. Her friend was nearby, approaching her from a distance in his black jacket, black pants, black hair. She wished she was in black too, they can rob that convenience store there, but that was not their goal.
They made it down across the cross-walk by Kingston and Midland. And went south towards an open path down by the end of the good ol’ reliable grocery shop [no frills]. They went past the old folk’s home to the descending hill where the tall trees grew and the untouched snow laid. It was a path that led between people’s homes. They walked in silence together through the snow, under the stars and moon, appreciating the silence. They didn’t seem to mind the cold as of yet; they were only concerned of where the path would take them.
They have reached the end of the path, welcomed by the lights of the quiet street and the horizon of the dark waters before them. The snowy path ended brought on by the pavement of some dude’s driveway. It was unexpected what happened next… She slipped on ice as she took her first step on the ground. Too bad he couldn’t save her in time, he could’ve been the hero and prevent her from hitting the ground with her knees, but luckily she wasn’t hurt, so they continued their stroll towards their destination.
They arrived at the site of the bluffs overlooking the lake. The dark sky and the moon still in sight, and a tint of orange coming in — the sign of the welcoming sun. They were the only ones there, so they grabbed the best seats available — the edge of the cliff. Together they sat in silence, waiting for the sun to rise before them.
It was scheduled to come at 7.50 am, it was only 7.30, wearily, she began to grow impatient.
They had been so still, nothing happened, but the cold seemed to have taken its toll on them. His hands were frozen and her toes were cold [not to mention their bums were freezing!], but they didn’t mind because they were anxious to see the arising sun.
Time ticked away, and the orange of the horizon grew more luminous and vibrant. The moon was out of sight as they watched the last star disappear into the blue of the sky while the dark clouds loomed over them not far from behind. Only a few more minutes before the sun would make its first appearance. They waited..and waited.. and waited.. but as time went by, more clouds moved in and the sun was out of sight and the sky was now blue and the clouds were white and grey. The world seemed to have changed. It was no longer dark and dimly lit by the stars. The presence of the day seemed to have awaken all the corruption of the world and immediately brought forth all the pain in her life and the disappointment.
“It won’t come..” he said as he began to walk back.
She turned one last time with the hopes of seeing’ll come, it’ll come.. it comes slowly, she tells herself.. “Shut up, I’ll fight you..” she told him.[haha, inside joke]. But it never came.
But it wasn’t as if the sunrise was promised in her life. It wasn’t as if the sun would shine on her — just for her — it was just something ordinary thought to be spectacular. Just being too hopeful led to an even greater disappointment. One to add to her collection.