Exams are in about a week or so. Since I’m taking an overload of courses this semester (6, instead of the normal 5), I have 5 exams. Sofar they are like:

(Week 1): Mon, Tues, Wed

(Week 2): Mon, Tues

Not so bad… but no so great as well. Anyways over the holidays I hope to try out things that I havn’t done in a while like baking/cooking, go-karting, and sleep! hahahaha, oh how I miss my old friend sleep =) I’ll try to post health-related things that I learn at school too, not only as a way for me to review what I’ve learnt, but as a way for you to live a healthier life!


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  1. Good Luck with your exams and THANKS for adding me to the list of sites you like! Cheers! Kathy

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