Early Christmas! + Some helpful holiday health advice!

Sega Rally Revo Boxart

Today Peter gave me my Christmas present early, which was Sega Rally Revo for PS3! I’ve wanted that game for quite some time now so I was really happy to get it =) The demo was pretty fun, but playing the full version online with 5 others is just awesome.

The game plays very smoothly, and the controls are easy to learn, however it can be annoying sometimes when you are fighting to keep the car straight. Too bad I have exams coming up otherwise I could really play this game as much as I would like, but for now I guess I’m limited to a few quick stints here and there -_-;;;

Ti.Crush Pack

“Erika” gave me an early present as well since we both have to study for exams. She got me the Head Ti.Crush starter pack which was really nice of her since the only way for the both of us to play was for her to borrow her friend’s raquet, which is more work than it should be. The kit comes with the raquet, eye protector, and two balls! =D Haha can’t wait till I get some time to play squash with her this holiday season! I’ve definitely have to make it up to her for Christmas!

Anyways, on a slightly more serious note, it’s December and in Toronto, loads of people are getting sick so what’s my suggestion? Make sure you get adequate Vitamin E and C. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble macronutrient (good because it can be stored in your body for extended periods of time) and an antioxidant which helps to get rid of free radicals that can potentially harm your body. Vitamin C combined with the product of the reaction between Vitamin E and free radicals yields Vitamin E again, which is great because that new Vitamin E can go back to fighting those nasty free radicals!

Sources of Vitamin E: Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, soybeans and good ol’ broccoli

Sources of Vitamin C: Fresh fruits and vegetables (Oranges!)

Of course these should be taken in moderation as excessive Vitamin E intake can interfere with anticoagulant medications, and excessive Vitamin C intake has been associated with: nausea, diarrhea, and nosebleeds.


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