Bio250 is going to be painful

Mt. Everest

I’m reading through one of the past term exams for BIO250 and holy smokes… at my current condition I’m going to get smoked. I’m thinking its the sheer amount of crap I have to know, but the BCH210 material seems a hell of a lot easier to reason out than this stuff. Studying for this exam seems like trying to get ontop of something like Everest – a climb that seems to go on and on and on. I also realized how much I can’t study at home.

In terms of the upcoming lab 6 for bio, I have the experiments narrowed down, but I just have to get around to filling the sheets out. Gosh what the heck would the positive and negative controls for promoter deletion with reporter gene look like??!?! garghhhhhhh! This is definitely going to be a fight to the finish!


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  1. Oilee don’t be a dinosaur. Stay updated on those genomic fireworks that are reporter genes here:

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