Finally beat Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Booyah.


For those of you who know me pretty well, you’ll know that recently I’ve been addicted to Street Fighter – in particular 3rd Strike hahahaha. Anyways for the past week or so I’ve been trying to beat the game for the first time, and each time I’ve tried I’ve either had to turn it off because of time contraints (I play between classes mostly), or I’ve gotten my ass kicked by the the last boss Gill. So earlier today I was studying and took a break by playing a bit and I managed to get to the last boss, and I FINALLY beat his ass. The thing is about this guy is that he has two really cheap moves: ressurect and this weird kill everything attack. So basically when he has a super charged, he can fly into the air and do a ‘magneto-esque’ attack where everything in the screen gets hit, and the problem is, that attack takes off half your life. The ressurect is a total piss-off. You basically kill him thinking you got a victory on him, and then he comes back to life at full power while (most of the time) you’re at quarter life or half at best, so its like fighting him twice in one round. 

Too bad I was in a library, I had to really hold back from yelling out “F*CK YEA!” hhahahahaa.

I think I’ll try to make fridays somewhat of a ‘fun fridays’ or something along those lines where I’ll post up videos/pics/links that I found interesting or funny.


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