Fun Friday!

Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery


Great collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics for the holiday season!


[Source: zzaran]

Dreamcast 2?!?!


Despite Nintendo Wii’s clear dominance in the next gen console race as of right now, I would LOVE to see the Dreamcast come back from the dead. I used to have one of these machines back in the day and I had a blast playing games like Daytona, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Sega 2k series, and countless Capcom fighting game arcade ports. Anyways, Sega filed a request to keep the rights to the name Dreamcast associated to a bunch of things that are very suspicious…nonetheless! Very interesting news indeed.



Harold and Kumar 2 Redband Trailer


I loved the first movie so heres the trailer for the second! [NSFW]


[Source: Youtube]






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  1. this site rocks dude

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