Goodbye RAZR, hello N95!


Well, today I finally got around to retiring the old Moto Razr. Its been with me for roughly 3 years now and I must say, that thing was very reliable and very durable (who knows how many times I’ve dropped it, not to mention the the times where it would drop and th ebattery would pop out and stuff).

Ah well everything has to come to an end right? The battery was showing its age (it couldn’t hold a charge for a full day anymore) and occasionally it would lock up on me, but I still give it credit.


The phone replacing it is none other than the flagship model of the Nokia brand – the N95. Sofar, this thing is a beast lol, like cmon you know its rather excessive when the built-in camera is 5MP hahahahahah!

Anyways, the Razr will be kept as a emergency back-up phone I guess since I don’t see anyone willing to shell out money for an outdated, (this is the original version, not that V3/V3x etc.) scratched, and generally tired phone =P

I know the camera on the N95 isn’t as great as a stand-alone despite being ‘5MP’, but I’ll try to post some pics taken with it for comparison sake against my Canon SD600.


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