Time Flies

It’s 12:22am right now, and I’m taking a short break from reading BIO250 lecture notes and I really can’t believe that the semester is nearly done. I remember back in the start of the year it was the second day of classes and I literally thought to myself “this is ridiculous, it’s only the second day of classes and it feels like its the second week”. Mind you, that was when I was still used to taking a 5 course load and finishing when the sun is still out lol.

Even so though, I really did wonder to myself how the hell would I get through a such a seemingly impossible semester. I really did think it was gonna be the longest 4 months of my life – but it was the complete opposite.

Every other Tuesday night was complete hell. I would wake up at 6am, get to school, come home at 11pm, then have the remainder of the night to prep for 2 labs (bio and chem), sleep at 3 and wake up the next morning at 5 something am to catch the early-early train so that I could be on time for the 8:30am CHM lab, then head over to bio lab from 6-9pm, then get home at 10pm.

The workload was pretty bad now that I think about it, BCH210 and BIO250 alone are enough to make people cry. Then you have problem sets in CHM247, problem sets for STA220, and problem sets for ECO.

It wasn’t too long ago that I realized I had spent the past month with an average of 4 hours a night too… hahah you know its pretty bad when you sleep at 12am and think its a lucky night.

People say that time goes by the quickest when you are having the most fun, and regrettably, despite all of the hardships that this semester has brought to me, I really did have fun. Sure I had a lot of sleepless nights and god knows how many hairs I’ve shed (not to mention pounds lol), but in some sick way I kind of enjoyed it. To me, theres no better feeling than giving your 100% and pushing yourself further to only realize that the ‘100%’ was really 95%, which would mean you could push yourself that littlebit more. Finishing CHM247 labs was a great relief, but if you were there, you’d know how much fun those labs were – more specifically, demo group 316. Gosh so many memories in that lab, and I guess the fact that we were working with some chemicals that could have easily killed us made it that much more special hhahahaha.

BCH210 is probably the class I will miss the most. It is hard as hell, with an exam (this coming Monday actually) that is most likely going to blow the socks off of most people, but I still love the class to death. The last day of lecture, Dr. Baker talked about Banting and Best and all of the things they went through and I swear I wouldn’t have cared if Baker kept yabbering on about them because I just wanted to hear more. I hope I can take more classes taught by Baker but I think 210 is the only undergrad. he teaches (I’m pretty sure he teaches intro medschool) Maybe I’ve found my calling in Biochem? Who knows lol.

This semester has flew at a pace that I could have never had predicted, and compared to last year I am having an absolute blast to be deadly honest. I’ve really made a lot of stronger bonds with people, I’m learning things with actual practical use and I’ve found that even though I will never subject myself to taking 6 courses in a semester again, I’m thankful for this experience. University shouldn’t be solely based on grabbing as many A’s as possible, but rather, what we can take away from this 4 (or possibly longer) year roller coaster ride.



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