Finally DONE! (actually I was done yesterday)

Holy smokes, word of advice for anyone in uni/starting out uni next year:

NEVER do more courses than the normal load (in my case, 5). It is a real pain in the ass, not because its just too much to learn, but because there is too much to do. Weekly problem sets become so backed up you end up cutting it out of your equation, long hours at school (my worst day was 12 hours – 12 hours!!!), and many early mornings/late nights.

CHM247 was truely the worst to study for out of the whole mix. Much harder than I thought lol.

I have a very useful past exams + solutions for god knows how many years, which I will post on here right after this. Maybe I’ll make a new page devoted to notes and other things that other students at UT would be interested in.

Anyways, after finishing the exam, Peter, Tim and I went to koreantown and drank and ate. Good times




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