Well, another year has come and gone, and now what is left is the beginning of a new year.

I’ve always been a little apprehensive about reflections on the previous year because the always seem to have a real bittersweet feeling to them. Looking back, I always tend to think about how much I’ve grown, the hardships I’ve faced, and the goals that I did or did not complete. Overall, 2007 has been a moderate year full of great joys, but also much sorrow. I’m hoping that 2008 brings me more luck, and hopefully a lot less stress!

Anyways, earlier today, Peter and I went out to McDonalds cause we had no idea what to eat for lunch, and while we ate, it dawned on us how much fast food we really consume. Honestly, if I told you how frequently we eat out, it would blow your socks off lol. Quite frankly, I’m surprised I’m as thin as I am, however health problems can be like iceburgs! Even though I am relatively thin, I could be (and probably am) very unhealthy. Therefore, one of my goals is to cook at home more often. We used to cook at home a lot more back in the day but it seems like our lifestyle has changed over the years, which I dislike a lot, especially considering the things I learnt in nutrition class.

I’ve also noticed that I havn’t gone swimming in ages – something that I used to do 5 days a week back in my prime. I’ve also stopped working out and doing my daily stretches, so I’m going to get back to a regular physical exercise routine. 30min/day is the absolute minimum I’m willing to accept.

I came in this year ready to kill my courses, despite the overload, but it was the exact opposite. I had my back to the wall from the 1st week in, and I hated it, however I did notice one thing. I stopped studying like I used to in gr 12, when I did great. I stopped constantly reviewing, and started to not care as much as I used to. I think somewhere along the line from BSS, I lost my way, and I became a bit cocky of what I can achieve on my natural ability. That costed me a lot now that I look back at it. I will regain my work ethic, and I must remain humble.

Three simple resolutions that I can think of to this point. More will come later as I think of them, but hopefully when I look back at 2008, my % of successful resolutions is higher than it was in 2007



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  1. Your prime? When was that exactly? Just wondering because you’re so obviously over-the-hill.

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