Macbook Air

Well, I’ve just seen a few pics of the newly announced Macbook Air, and I think it looks great (like almost every other Apple product out), however I’m a bit worried about one thing – the battery. It’s not user-replacable, like the  iPod, or iPhone, which means, if the battery dies out, you’re screwed. I know first hand how useful having a battery that youcan replace is. My brother’s Macbook’s battery discharged over time, so instead of sending it in and waiting for it to be fixed, he ordered a new battery and bam! back in business! I guess they could make a case that ‘due to the ultra-portable form factor, we had to have the battery encased in the laptop’, but I dunno…looks like a way to get more money in the long run, very much like what Sony did to it’s customers with the PS3 controller.

Although a lot of people may voice their dislike to Apple’s decision to have a battery in the Air that cannot be user-replaced, I’m sure it will still sell amazingly well, as it seems that people will buy anything as long as it has that little Apple logo on it. 

Link to Macbook Air gallery (Source: Gizmodo)


One Response


    Sounds user replaceable to me. Third parties will have replacement batteries for sale before long.

    Gizmodo sucks.

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