There is no point in staying up late into the night when you are exhausted, tired, and downright sore to the bone. When school gets to you, the best thing to do is sleep. Sleep, what a wonderful sound the word makes. Let sleep ease your mind and weariness. Let sleep relax your soul and prepare you for a new day with a fresh mind. And most importantly of all let sleep be the doorway into a gallery of dreams!

Of course, sleep shouldn’t be an excuse to be excused from homework. But it’s also not to say that we should exhaust ourselves with homework so that sleep is deserving nor let sleep be depriving. 7 Hours a day of sleep should suffice, and what’s so bad about a little afternoon nap? But back to the subject of sleep and oh how good it feels to finally be able to call it a day, and slip into some warm pyjamas, all curled up in your sheets with a soft pillow under your head. Oh that feeling you get when you close your eyes, which when awake seemed so heavy, bringing about a comforting sigh of relief! And best of all that feeling you get when you know you’ll be out until the next morning. In peace and undisturbed.



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