Well, Its Been a While

Wow it has been a long time since I’ve touched this blog hahah. Time to brush the dust off and get those fingers cracking again.

In terms of that past exams package I had for download, for all you CHM247’ers this term, it has been taken down, so if anyone wants it back up leave a comment or something, and I’ll see if I can dig it up.

I’ve switched back to paper notes again too. My tablet’s screen is starting to screw up on me, and it’s off warranty so yeah… that sucks for me. I’m sort of glad that I am being forced to switch back to paper notes though. I’m sure it is just psychological, but I tend to learn A LOT better from reading from a physical piece of paper, than looking at a screen.

So, what have I switched to seeing that my laptop is becoming increasingly defunc. by the day? I bought a new motherboard, a big lcd monitor and slapped together a half-assed desktop, using other spare computers for donor parts. I was running my OLD P4 prescott 2.8 for a while until Peter ended up creating his monster rig, so I scooped up his Pentium D 820, thinking I’d be set for a while…HAHA yeah…..right. If I had more money I probably would have bought a nice Q6600 and a 8800GT to match, but oh well, as long as it can play WOW at a good frame rate, I’m happy.

A few more things that have happened since I’ve last posted are:

-joining karate instead of kendo (purely a scheduling conflict I swear!)

-switching to a different phone (I used to use a N95)

-sleeping a lot more than before


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  1. Nice blog,

    still keep the past chm exams?

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