Stupid Audio Cables >.<

A while back I bought a 22″ monitor for my pc in hopes of having a nice big screen that I can do computing on, as well as a nice screen to play my PS3 on. I hooked the PS3 to the monitor – no problems – until I realize that my monitor has no built-in speakers!!! HDMI transfers both video and audio signals so I’m basically been without sound for a month or so now.

After a bit of research, I found out I needed one of these:

It’s a RCA female to 3.5mm audio cable, which I can use in conjunction with my A/V cables to plug into my speakers – GREAT! However, NO ONE seems to carry the damn things! Even The Source, which is basically known to have a cable for everything hahaha.

It’s kinda weird because a few days ago I was looking around on Tigerdirect, and they had them, but when I went there today, they were mysteriously gone from the site! I swear it’s like there is some ultimate force stopping me from having these cables hahahaaha




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