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Brain Fart @ BMO
July 29, 2008

Well I did something kinda stupid at the bank just now. I was depositing some money and when I finished, the teller says to me, “Take care”. So I respond by giving out a meek, “Thanks” and continue on my way.

I know it isn’t a huge thing, but I’m big on common courtesy, so I was kicking myself a few minutes after having realized I kinda forgot to return the nice gesture. Gahhhhh!


The Dark Knight was AWESOME.
July 27, 2008

Yesterday Peter and I went to Silvercity to go watch the Dark Knight finally.

Coming into it I had my expectations high and thankfully, I wasn’t dissapointed. The only gripe I had about it, was that it didn’t seem to flow as well as the last movie. Apparantly both films (Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight) are the same length, but you really feel how long it is towards the end of The Dark Knight.

The acting was really really well done, I didn’t really like how people were already saying that Heath Ledger should win an Oscar before even seeing the movie at all, but after watching it, I think he should. His performace as the Joker was really, really, really well done! He really got the whole ‘dark and sadistic’ joker image down. The makeup on him was really good too.

Overall, the movie was just as good as I thought it would be, but it is a lottttttt darker and serious than the first one was. Also a lot more people seem to die (extras that is hahaha).


On a totally different note, a certain chicken company has been marketing their new ‘asian-inspired’ fried chicken. Don’t buy it, it’s not worth it.

Their ‘asian-chicken’ is nothing more than their regular chicken with powder flavouring sprinkled over it. Moreover, the powder flavouring they use tastes suspiciously like those packets of powder flavouring found in instant noodles….. hmmmmm………

Damn Rabbit -_-;;;
July 26, 2008

It must have been 11:30-12am, when I decide to turn the lights out for the room my rabbit is in, when I think to myself,

“I’m going to stay up late, might as well let her out a little while longer”

So I let her out and walk away unattended as I usually do for a little while, but when I come back shes near the door just sitting there, and when she walks away I notice something small on the ground when it hits me – she just pinched one out on the ground!!!!

I wasn’t so happy about that seeing that my rabbit uses the litterbox for that kinda thing. The thing that I dont like is that I heard that its hard to get rabbits to get back into their old habbits once they break them, so I think for the next little while I’ll keep her either in her cage, or under supervision when shes out and about.

Damn lapin.

Tales of Phantasia
July 25, 2008

Ever since I got ZSNES working, I’ve been playing Tales of Phantasia A LOT. Even though it’s very old-school, I enjoy the gameplay a lot. Brings me back tot he days of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG haha.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going with Peter to see the Dark Knight (yes, yes… I’m probably one of the last humans on Earth who hasn’t seen it yet). I watched Batman Begins a few nights ago, and I’m really psyched to go!

Hmmm other than that, things I still have to do include:

  • CNE with Irene
  • Coffee + Gokarting with Jehjeh
  • Centre Island with Irene
  • Movies with Ravi et. all
  • Possible Wonderland? Who knows…

Time for some food, I’m hungry.

Hooray! Sound for ZSNES!
July 24, 2008

For those of you who have installed ZSNES on Ubuntu (if you havn’t, see: How to install emulators on Ubuntu) and can’t get sound to work try this:

  1. Go to terminal
  2. Type “zsnes -ad sdl”
  3. Run a rom