Random Update

Well it has been a while besides that previous post which was for a Redflagdeals contest lol.

I just got around to checking my start time for enrolment and woohoo! 10:30AM! None of that post-afternoon bullshit I had before.

So yesterday I decided to finally make a schedule for myself and damn, I have to do 6 courses in one semester again! All because of BCH370 being worth half a credit despite running year-round. Besides that I’m going to be in for a tough 3rd year but oh well, that’s just life, we have to make the best with what is dealt to us right?

On a completely different topic, my brother finally bought himself a Mazda RX8 not too long ago. It has quite a few options, and is very fast. Haha the car reminds me of those F1 cars before races because he is so meticulous with it. Like for example most people would turn the thing on and go, but he turns it on, lets it warm up, does checks around the car, and then heads off – every time! Then again, the type of engine in that car requires such attention to detail, otherwise mechanical failure could occur.

With him having his new car, the Neon is now mine technically and I dont mind. I actually like the car quite a bit! It’s easy to drive, it’s fairly nimble and its very light (compared to these 3000+lb monsters car companies put out these days). The only thing I dont like is that its an automatic, so a lot of power is robbed, and that under hard cornering, there is a lot of body roll. I was thinking of actually buying some things to aid the soft suspension, but I’m still weighing if it is worth it or not lol.

Oh yeah I got a rabbit as well. A friend of a friend of mine was willing to give his away so I took it in lol. She is a 1.5-2 year old black and white rabbit. Originally we called her Oreo, but then we kept calling her Lapin, so Lapin is what it is now hahaha. We used to have a rabbit several years ago so we knew what we were getting into. However this rabbit is much better behaved than our previous one. Foe one, she actually is litter-trained hahahahah. A world of difference it is when the rabbit isn;t crapping and peeing everywhere! We can even let her free roam in the room shes in unsupervised without worry! She’s pretty smart too. For the first few days she would gnaw on the bars to get out, but I think she realized its no use so she stopped, and now she waits very patiently until we let her out… outstanding!



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