Mosquito Bites are Fun

Yeah right.

Yesterday I went with Irene, Ivy, Vivian, and their parents to Hart House Farm. It was a really really nice change from the boredom of Brampton and the hustle and bustle of Toronto.

I left pretty early in the morning, and met up with the group at Hart House where we took a bus to get to the farm. The ride was pretty long and really really bumpy! One thing I thought to myself during the ride there was “I don’t remember there being so little legroom!”. Like I know those yellow busses are designed for kids, but cmon, I felt fine in 1st year… maybe I’m getting larger hahaha.

It was pretty hot that day as well, hahah even walking from Queens Park Station to Hart House left me sweating excessively. Anyways, after a little while of hanging around the residency house there, the group and I headed out for a short hike in the woods. Near the beginning of the hike, Irene pointed out something on the ground, which was a small toad! It’s been years since I’ve seen a live one so that was a pleasant surprise =) When we got deep into the woods, the mosquitos took over and it was hell hahahaha. I could literally see the damn buzzers flying around us ughh. Luckily I sprayed myself with repellant earlier, however I was far from invulnerable.

The food was pretty good at first, but the more I ate the chicken they served, the more dry it seemed. Maybe it was just me haha. They also had open bar so I drank some cold beer, which really hit the spot on such a hot day.

Originally, people thought that the bus would head back to Toronto at 4:15, but it turns out they were planning on leaving at 3, so Irene and I scarfed our food down fast and headed out to see the three ponds situated inside of the wooded areas.

The first one was medium-sized, and was a little murky. There were many fish though so I kinda wished I brought my fishing pole hahaha. THey said swimming in the ponds was ok, but I didn’t bring any swimming attire, so I was out of luck.

The second pond was very large, but had a rickety stairwell leading to the docks on the pond. When you stand on the docks, the view is just awesome. The third pond had a sauna (which wasn’t activated unfortunately), however the docks leading into the pond were still under construction. That pond supposedly had a lot of frogs but I guess they didn’t wanna come out hahaha. After seeing all three of the ponds, we went to the first one and dipped our feet in the cool water. Thats where I finally sat back and took it all in. I could really say, that at that moment of time, I was totally care-free. However I also got bitten a few more times.

Now I have a bump on my right temple, and bitten on my eyelid too, oh and behind my ear. Really itchy and annoying.

I’ll upload some pics after Irene sends them to me.


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