I got a new camera! + Summerlicious with the old crew!

Alright so in my last post I was talking about wanting a new camera cause of my experiences at the zoo.

To tell you the truth I was kinda half-hearted when I wrote it, because I was thinking of getting a DSLR, which as you know is at least $550ish. Kinda uneasy about dropping that much down on a camera, so I was searching around randomly on BestBuy and noticed a deal they had. It was for $100 off a Kodak Z8612IS normally priced at 249! So cool 149 is really good, then I look at the specs and wow! 8.1MP, 12x zoom, 1/1000sec shutter speed, and a fairly broad aperture range as well. Sure it isn’t as customizable as a DSLR, but oh well, it still ahs full manual modes so I can tinker with settings to my liking, and most of all it has the powerful zoom!!!! I like the retro look of the camera too, very simple design. The build quality isn;t as high as other companies like Canon or Nikon, but it’s still good.



I just came back from Summerlicious with Karen, Cindy, Jovan, and Nish. Maybe a month ago, Karen suggested we go to summerlicious and sure enough we eventually found a place to go to called Bloom Restaurant on Jane St. and Bloor St. Our reservation was for 5:30, so we dedcided on the 3:45 bus towards union, ahahahah almost missed it if it weren’t for Nish running after the bus haahah.

The food was expectedly great! Even though I came in totally blind towards what kind of food Bloom served, I was sure that whatever they did serve would taste good. The only thing I worry about when I go to fancy places is the portion size, cause I wouldn’t want to pay 35 dollars and get a tinnnnnny plate of food that will leave me hungry by the time I pay the bill hahahah. OH! that reminds me, holy crap the chocolate cheesecake that Jovan and Nish ordered was AWESOME. Jovan gave me a bit to try out and I swear, as soon as that little piece made contact with my tongue, I was blown away! hahahaha I think I remember myself muttering “holy crap” under my breath hahahaha.

Anyways, afterwards we really didn’t know what to do, they wanted to do karaoke, which we tried doing at Dragoncity on Spadina, but the people there were trying to bullshit us with prices. Like cmon the damn sign said 55 for a room and when we ask they say 60 I think? Plus the room was advertised as capable of holding 1-5 person(s), but in reality it could only hold like 2 or 3 of us tops. What a jip. Maybe 1-5 small middleschoolers hahahah. Oh yeah that reminds me, we saw a smoking paper news stand! Like those ones you put money into to get a paper hahah how random is that?!

We walked around and ended up going to another place to have beers, which was a lot of fun, by then I knew the 9:30 bus was out of question so I only really got a bit antsy for the 9:50, but lo and behold, there was no 9:50 bus to Bramalea, so we had to wait till the 10:30.

Ah well, waiting wasn’t bad at all, I had a really nice chat with Cindy actually. We talked a lot about the future, and where things are going, and the people around us and how much things have changed…. it really put a lot of perspective on things for me. I’m just happy to know that Cindy and I are stil on the same page on a lot of things.

All in all, I’d say it was a great day, hahah as much as I dont seem like it when I’m out (usually fidgeting or looking bored or worried) I really do cherish the time I spend with the crew. I know I dont get many opportunities to see them, so when I do its always a fun time. hahah during dinner Karen mentioned something about how we should all eat out together in a nice place from time to time, or how its cool we can just meet up after not seeing each other for (in my case a year LOL) long periods of time yet it feels like it hasn;t been long at all. Hahahaha just like I said back there, “Our love of food is what binds us all together!!!”


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