A Week of Ubuntu

For a long time, I’ve been hearing quite a few good things about Ubuntu. I’ve even tried to install it on a junker pc a few months ago, but for some reason it didn’t want to load, so today I decided to give it another go on my main computer. So now I’m dual booting WIndows XP and Ubuntu, but for the next week or so, I’m going to try my hardest to just use Ubuntu alone.

Sofar, I really like what I see! Initially I was kind of worried about driver issues with my video card and a few other components, but I was pleasantly surprised to see everything running as it would on Windows. Only a few downloads here and there for things like flash, video, and codecs.

Another thing I was worried about was the whole UI. I was thinking that it would be a little clunky, but it’s actually really really polished. Menus are clean and crisp, there isn’t any lag commonly associated with UI’s thick with animations. It sort of reminds me of my time on Mac OSX, which is a good thing. To tell you the truth, the more I use this, the more I can actually see myself fully migrating to, however I might still be in the initial ‘wow phase’.

In terms of programs, I don’t feel ‘deprived’ at all. Word processing and spreadsheets are covered by OpenOffice – which is more than enough. I get a decent image editing program, “Gimp”, VLC player for videos,  and a bunch of in-house games. Messaging is something I’ll miss from Windows since I wont get the full feature set of MSN Messenger in other messaging programs. They pack in Pidgin, which is has a lot of great features in it, however it lacks video chatting expectedly.

The one thing I have to get used to is the way programs are installed. Besides Synaptic Package Manager, I have no clue how installing works lol. Gotta figure that one out still lol.

The lack of games shouldn’t be a huge issue for me since I have my trusty PS3 beside me whenever I feel the need to game, however I bet there are some games out there supporting Linux that I just have to find (I havn’t bothered checking yet).

As it stands, I am really really impressed with Ubuntu.

EDIT (Jul 23) : Thanks for the help tycheent and Joeb !


4 Responses

  1. Synaptic is the front end for apt-get, the command line method of installing packages. The reason to stay inside apt-get or Synaptic as much as possible is three-fold: 1. it allows the package manager to know what is installed on your system; and 2. it provides you with a way of knowing when there are updates to those packages (through the Update Manager); also, 3. it provides you a method of uninstalling a program that you no longer want or need. gdebi is another program that will install .deb packages that you might download from a site, and all of them use the same back-end to do the actual installation.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Regarding MSN, may I recommend “emesene”

    It’s in the repositories, so you can install it from synaptic 🙂

  3. grats, you’ve been featured in the official Ubuntu newsletter 🙂


  4. oh forgot to mention that to check if your webcam is supported (ones in green work out of the box):


    the MSN client i like best is “emesene”, but there are a few other: aMSN and mercury messenger

    and aMSN 2 is in the works as both the emesene and amsn developers are helping each other, thanks to the open-source nature of both programs.

    apart from synaptic, you can get more software at http://getdeb.net/

    also there is “ADD/REMOVE” software catalog in the main menu. Find and install tons of software with 1 click.

    another great image editing program is: Krita

    and a “basic” paint program is: kolourpaint

    i hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

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