Thats Odd

I noticed two little things sofar on Ubuntu – one more serious than the other.

First is the flash play back, which for youtube and break is fine, however flash games have severe mouse input delays.

The second thing is when I wake the computer up from suspend mode, I lose all sound, and it seems like the only way to bring it back is to restart. I’m probably thinking thats a driver issue.

EDIT (Jul 24) :

Some cool things I’ve come across:

  • Pressing print screen button opens up a window that shows a preview of the image taken, and asks you to pick a destination for the picture file – very cool, no more having to copy to photochop or paint
  • The scroll wheel switches between desktop 1 and 2 when the cursor is over the desktop
  • Weather in the corner taskbar is nice
  • Suspend feature does not mute the sound like I had hoped upon return
  • Boot times are far superior to Windows
  • Flash is still an issue, hopefully fixed soon

I kinda wished I didn’t just allocate 8gigs of HD space to Ubuntu when I first installed it… I’ve only got something like 900megs left! I’m at the point where I have to delete movies to download new ones =(((((

I think if I do want to go pure Ubuntu, I might just buy a new harddrive and keep the dual boot because there might be programs I might have to use in school that are windows-only. Sofar I’ve encountered a few last year, so I can’t cross windows out of the equation fully yet.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there, I came across your post searching for Ubuntu related posts on WordPress šŸ™‚

    I’m a member of the Ubuntu Forums – (Joeb454).

    Suspend has been an issue for many distro’s for a while, though it’s much improved now compared to what it was šŸ˜‰

    And flash is…well it’s Adobe’s fault, the Windows support is better, though for some slower paced flash games you’ll find it’s not too bad.



  2. if you’re running out of space for data files like movies, perhaps you can make up another partition on some other drive and mount it under your home directory. Something like ~/movies that you can drop your movies into.

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