Tales of Phantasia

Ever since I got ZSNES working, I’ve been playing Tales of Phantasia A LOT. Even though it’s very old-school, I enjoy the gameplay a lot. Brings me back tot he days of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG haha.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going with Peter to see the Dark Knight (yes, yes… I’m probably one of the last humans on Earth who hasn’t seen it yet). I watched Batman Begins a few nights ago, and I’m really psyched to go!

Hmmm other than that, things I still have to do include:

  • CNE with Irene
  • Coffee + Gokarting with Jehjeh
  • Centre Island with Irene
  • Movies with Ravi et. all
  • Possible Wonderland? Who knows…

Time for some food, I’m hungry.


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