Damn Rabbit -_-;;;

It must have been 11:30-12am, when I decide to turn the lights out for the room my rabbit is in, when I think to myself,

“I’m going to stay up late, might as well let her out a little while longer”

So I let her out and walk away unattended as I usually do for a little while, but when I come back shes near the door just sitting there, and when she walks away I notice something small on the ground when it hits me – she just pinched one out on the ground!!!!

I wasn’t so happy about that seeing that my rabbit uses the litterbox for that kinda thing. The thing that I dont like is that I heard that its hard to get rabbits to get back into their old habbits once they break them, so I think for the next little while I’ll keep her either in her cage, or under supervision when shes out and about.

Damn lapin.


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