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I’m out of shape
August 21, 2008

Well I decided to finally pick my ass up from my computer seat and go swimming again, and all I can say is wow. I get winded really really fast now, and I find it difficult to do front crawl… I’m thinking its because I have lost both my form and flexibility.

I’ve got to really work on my cardio again, I can tell my heart has gotten really inefficient over the years =T The worst feeling is that I know I did this to myself. Well good thing U of T has great facilities for me to get back in top form!


Awh Hell.
August 11, 2008

I just found out test dates are A LOT sooner than I had originally thought. Time to get on the high horse and begin studying. Looks like I’ll have to swing by the university bookstore to get some prep books. Argh.


My internet has been pissing me off lately. Very very slow browsing speeds, but online gaming is fine… very odd behavior.

August 10, 2008

School is fast approaching – must start preparing now. The cycle begins again.

Mmmm Clean Car
August 2, 2008

Nothing like a squeaky-clean car to make my day. I went over to Crappy Tire and picked up a clay bar, and some new wax. I think at the end of August, I’ll spend a good day or so working the clay bar on it.

Went out with a few old high school friends today, and drank a bit. I am definitely a happy drunk hahaha!