It’s about to hit the fan.

It’s that time of the semester… midterms! First wave will go: Nutrition, Economics, Microbiology, physiology and finally Biochemistry.

I’ve taken a new approach to this school year, which is to have more fun. In the previous years, I didn’t have much fun besides going out a few times with the FLC and with Irene, however as a whole, all I really did was play some games, study, and the odd trip to the gym to help make myself feel better.

This year is different, I’m pursuing some things that really interest me, like Irene and I have joined a hip-hop class, which is exhausting but rewarding. I was really hesitant to join until Irene told me that if I joined she would too, so what the hell I went for it. The people in the class are all great… since we’re all new to this, it’s a nice learning experience for all of us. 

Photography has been an interest of mine for quite some time, so I joined the VicXposure club. They offer darkroom access and rentals of their DSLRs and SLRs! I’m hoping I can rent their D80 and play around with it for a while.

Oh, and Irene and I have also formed a table tennis (ping pong) team for this intramural tourny. Our team is called SUPERoxide Dismutase, and it consists of Irene (the captain), myself, Johnny, and finally Vivan. Haha although our team is not so strong in the skill department, this whole thing is geared to have fun! 

Finally I’ve commited myself to a 3/week gym routine. I figure I have waited long enough, and besides, I’m paying for this gym in my tuition…might as well make the most of it!


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  1. I completely understand what you mean by wanting to “have more fun” in your university year. I started out at my university (Rhodes, South Africa) solely devoted to academics. Then I grew tired of it and realised I was missing out on the main purpose of varsity: social growth as well as academic achievement. Myself and some fellow students created a blog dealing with pressures faced at varsity, I focused on social pressure, and agree that work should take preference but that we should find the time to go out and have a drink with mates. Or to simply find time to join your student newspaper or photo society. I’m glad you agree with our stance of the issue  Take a look at our blog,

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