Lots to do.

This weekend will be pretty packed =T

Thankfully I’ve been hearing that my Biochem lab is due on Tuesday instead of Monday because of Thanksgiving, which is nice… gives me some more time to look it over and stuff.

Tomorrow there might be a RX-8 meet at Formula Kartways that Peter and I will go to. Apparently there will be a lot fo guys there that AutoX their 8’s on a regular basis, so it’ll be nice to see how well I stack up against them on the track!

Yesterday I found out that 40gig PS3’s trade in at 230 which is great because I’ve been meaning to get an XBOX360 for quite some time for Fable 2 and Halo 3. Originally I was going to trade my 60gig PS3 in, but I see the 60 gigs as the best that Sony put out seeing that it has the card-reader, wifi, 4 usb ports, a decent amount of space and above all – the emotion engine. Besides, I have some centimental connection with that PS3 since it was the first big purchase I made after my job. So I talked to Peter about it and he said he would let me trade his 40gig PS3 and take my 60. He didn’t seem to mind anyways since he has always liked mine more than his.

A few games that I’m looking to get are:

-Fable 2

-Fallout 3

-Halo 3


-Rockstar presents: Table Tennis

Anyways, this weekend was supposed to be a big gathering at John’s house for Thanksgiving, but we’re all busy this weekend soooooo it’ll be a quiet weekend at home with the family.

Sorry about jumping around so much, I write as things come to my mind!



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