Stressed from Studying Physiology?

Have you ever been so stressed from loads of studying that you find it hard to focus your attention elsewhere besides school? Or that you feel so stressed you feel obligated to continue studying which will only lead to more stress?  Ever feel like your cortisol levels are rising and peaking until the middle of  the night even though cortisol levels are supposed to follow a circadian rhythm and be highest early in the morning at around 8 am… If you feel this way, or even THINK this way, I’d say you’re stressed from studying.  The cure? Stop studying, but it might be hard to get out of the cycle, especially if you feel your life is in peril — Lack of studying = bad grads = bad future = no money = bum. The only way to end the stress is to get whatever that it is you’re worried about over with.  Apply for that admissions test! Find a job to pay the bills! and write the Exam! You might even start to think through all this studying that this stress cycling situation is very much like a positive feedback. Studying leads to a greater and greater build up of stress until finally you write the exam (the outside intervention) which relieves all stress!! That’s just until the next one comes…


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