The jist of things…

 I am a 3rd year University of Toronto (St. George) student doing a double major in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences. The intention of this site is to just be a place for me to rant about random events that occur in my day to day life. Every now and then, iyeolee will post some stuff – either written or art.

 A little more about ‘Oilee’…

The name oilee… haha when I tell people my nick name, they think I’m saying ‘oily’ but oh well lol. The nickname itself has quite a funny story behind it.

It all started at the beginning of grade 12. On my way to my first class, I guess I was in a rush, because I confused my first class of 1st semester, with the first class of second semester. Needless to say I was late for the class I should have been in – Discrete algeo. When I came in everyone looked at me – some familiar faces, some not – and luckily they were in the middle of attendance, so my teacher – Ms. Lee, who had a thick chinese acccent – asked me what my name was. I said ‘Ollie’ but I guess she misheard me because as she repeated it in a sort of way to confirm it to herself, she managed to say “Oirlee”. The class kinda chuckled a bit, but eventually she got it right. 

Anyways, over the next week or so, people from that class started to refer to me as ‘Oirlee’. I was talking to my friend Karen about the whole thing and she just laughed and laughed, until she realized that Oirlee sounded close to Oi-lee, which apparently means ‘love lee’ (as in my loving Ms. Lee), which made her make fun of me even more. From that point on, Oirlee faded a bit, and Oilee was the new nick name for me I suppose it was easier to pronounce without the ‘r’). The weird thing was, people who didn;t even know me personally, somehow knew of the person named ‘Oilee’. FOr example,

Person 1: “hey do you know Ollie?”

Person 2: “whos that?”

person 1: “Oh I meant Oilee”

Person 2: “Oh yeah that person”

I was kind of in disbelief as people who I never knew, somehow knew me hahaha. 

Anyways, the name stuck, and to this day people still call me Oilee, however it’s starting to be phased out a bit (with the exception of my friend Jen, who thought that was my real name until the start of 3rd year =_=;;;)

So is Ollie my real name? Nope. Just a short version of my real name that was used so often during elementary and highschool that it was actually in the school system as my name.


Out of all the interests I have, the ones that are the biggest in my life right now are photography, computers, games, and cars. 

I used to go-kart religiously every week, until I got a bit busy, then I stopped, however I will return to it again someday. 

I recently bought myself a D40 DSLR (my first!), which I am really enjoying right now. I put up a photoblog as well, but I havn’t gotten around to uploading any pictures yet. 

I currently play World of Warcraft on the Proudmoore US server. Add me if you like, my character name is Orexin (for those in the know with physiology, it may give you a cheap laugh, and even for those who arren’t, just say it out loud and it should still give you a cheap laugh lol)

I also own an Xbox360. My gamertag is Oirlee.



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  1. Oilee….this is major coincidence that I found your site!!!!

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