Tired of Blogger

November 26, 2008 - Leave a Response

Ok, so I had a stint with blogger for a bit, however I didn’t like it much, so here I am.

It’s been a little more than a month since I’ve last touched this thing, but it looks like its still thriving pretty well. In the last month or so I’ve:

  • Bought, beat, and traded in Fallout 3. 
  • Learned to use water colour paints a lot better than I used to
  • Updated to the NXE
  • Gotten an Acer Aspire One netbook

Ok sooooo Fallout 3… that was an amazing game. The single best part of it, was going into V.A.T.S, shooting a mutant in the head, and watching it explode hahhha. It’s the kind of mindless fun you need sometimes. There were a lot of reports of bugs and freezing issues associated with the XBOX360 verson, but I didn’t experience anything bad. The graphics are really good – if aren’t too close to the screen you’re playing on. At first, I was actually pretty pissed off at the game cause I kept getting my ass handed to me by every single enemy I’d encounter. This went on for a few days tillI I made a build focusing on explosives, small guns, and intelligence… then I freaking owned. There are a few situations where you can choose to kill people who wronged you, so when I got the chance I never hesitated to lob a grenade or two. 


Irene has introduced watercolour painting to me recently and I can truely say that its one of the few things that calm me down. I’ve always had the urge to draw cartoons based on things I learn in school, but I’ve never had the means to do so – until now. She showed me a few paintings, and just seeing the way watercolours look sold me instantly. I’ve got this small sketchbook now with a few paintings, a really noob paint kit, and a decent brush. I’ve taken a small hiatus from it though since I’m currently in the middle of exam season (which reminds me, why am I not studying right now?)


NXE came out a while back, and I like it a lot. The menus are slick, and easier to navigate than before. The avatars kinda seem like a rip-off of Mii’s but oh well, they do what they’re supposed to do quite well, and the level of customization was impressive. I woun’t go as far to say that its a “New” experience, but it is a nice change from the old blades UI they had before. I can def. see how family-oriented this new UI is. 


I’ve been eyeing netbooks for quite some time now, but a few weeks ago I finally cracked and got one. I went to the local Canada Computers (www.canadacomputers.com) for about $430 + tax. The reason why it was more expensive than the models you see in bestbuy or futureshop, is because this one came with a 6-cell battery, rather than the 3-cell. This makes a HUGE difference in the battery life as I can go as far as 6 hours before it shuts down. With wifi on and brightness to 1/2 (which is still very bright), I can average 5 hours. The screen is very sharp, the computer DOES use the internal fans a lot, which makes a slight hummm/whine noise (not too bothersome), and it doesn’t seem to get very warm. it is powered by a 1.6 Intel Atom that I find is more than enough for what netbooks are supposed to do. It has 1GB of ram, which is upgradable, however doing so will void the warranty (major fail imo). The hard drive is a convential notebook one rather than a SSD usually found in netbooks, and is 160GB compared tot he 120GB of the previous AAO model. The main reason I bought this was to have something I could browse the web with like a notebook, without the notebook weight. I was sick of browsing on the iPhone, and although very cheap, conventional laptops these days are 15 inches and are heavy like bricks. I am very pleased with this little one (hehe)


Lots to do.

October 10, 2008 - Leave a Response

This weekend will be pretty packed =T

Thankfully I’ve been hearing that my Biochem lab is due on Tuesday instead of Monday because of Thanksgiving, which is nice… gives me some more time to look it over and stuff.

Tomorrow there might be a RX-8 meet at Formula Kartways that Peter and I will go to. Apparently there will be a lot fo guys there that AutoX their 8’s on a regular basis, so it’ll be nice to see how well I stack up against them on the track!

Yesterday I found out that 40gig PS3’s trade in at 230 which is great because I’ve been meaning to get an XBOX360 for quite some time for Fable 2 and Halo 3. Originally I was going to trade my 60gig PS3 in, but I see the 60 gigs as the best that Sony put out seeing that it has the card-reader, wifi, 4 usb ports, a decent amount of space and above all – the emotion engine. Besides, I have some centimental connection with that PS3 since it was the first big purchase I made after my job. So I talked to Peter about it and he said he would let me trade his 40gig PS3 and take my 60. He didn’t seem to mind anyways since he has always liked mine more than his.

A few games that I’m looking to get are:

-Fable 2

-Fallout 3

-Halo 3


-Rockstar presents: Table Tennis

Anyways, this weekend was supposed to be a big gathering at John’s house for Thanksgiving, but we’re all busy this weekend soooooo it’ll be a quiet weekend at home with the family.

Sorry about jumping around so much, I write as things come to my mind!


It’s about to hit the fan.

October 6, 2008 - One Response

It’s that time of the semester… midterms! First wave will go: Nutrition, Economics, Microbiology, physiology and finally Biochemistry.

I’ve taken a new approach to this school year, which is to have more fun. In the previous years, I didn’t have much fun besides going out a few times with the FLC and with Irene, however as a whole, all I really did was play some games, study, and the odd trip to the gym to help make myself feel better.

This year is different, I’m pursuing some things that really interest me, like Irene and I have joined a hip-hop class, which is exhausting but rewarding. I was really hesitant to join until Irene told me that if I joined she would too, so what the hell I went for it. The people in the class are all great… since we’re all new to this, it’s a nice learning experience for all of us. 

Photography has been an interest of mine for quite some time, so I joined the VicXposure club. They offer darkroom access and rentals of their DSLRs and SLRs! I’m hoping I can rent their D80 and play around with it for a while.

Oh, and Irene and I have also formed a table tennis (ping pong) team for this intramural tourny. Our team is called SUPERoxide Dismutase, and it consists of Irene (the captain), myself, Johnny, and finally Vivan. Haha although our team is not so strong in the skill department, this whole thing is geared to have fun! 

Finally I’ve commited myself to a 3/week gym routine. I figure I have waited long enough, and besides, I’m paying for this gym in my tuition…might as well make the most of it!

I’m out of shape

August 21, 2008 - Leave a Response

Well I decided to finally pick my ass up from my computer seat and go swimming again, and all I can say is wow. I get winded really really fast now, and I find it difficult to do front crawl… I’m thinking its because I have lost both my form and flexibility.

I’ve got to really work on my cardio again, I can tell my heart has gotten really inefficient over the years =T The worst feeling is that I know I did this to myself. Well good thing U of T has great facilities for me to get back in top form!

Awh Hell.

August 11, 2008 - Leave a Response

I just found out test dates are A LOT sooner than I had originally thought. Time to get on the high horse and begin studying. Looks like I’ll have to swing by the university bookstore to get some prep books. Argh.


My internet has been pissing me off lately. Very very slow browsing speeds, but online gaming is fine… very odd behavior.